About Enchanted Elegance and Our Policies


Enchanted Elegance is a division of WildFlower Herbals & More, owned and operated by Esther Mitchell.

Each piece in the Enchanted Elegance and Enchanted Décor collections are handcrafted by Esther Mitchell, and many of the items can be customized to your desired color, size, and material specifications (unless specifically noted).

Esther draws her inspiration for jewelry from a multitude of sources, including mythology, fiction, and her own spirituality. It is part of her philosophy that all gemstones and colors vibrate with specific energies, which can be used to provide healing and balance, as well as being beautiful to look at. She brings this philosophy to each of her creations.

Prices on all items are not available on this site. If you wish to know the price of an item, please click the “Product” link. This will take you to the store page, where you can view all details and pricing, and purchase if you wish.

Special orders outside of the options provided on the store site MAY be available. To find out, contact Esther and make your request. If she is able to fill the request, she will let you know, and you will be billed via PayPal for the design, should you request the item to be created with your specifications.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail Esther.


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